Sanremo handbag

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Collection 2024 -Available from the end of February


A touch of luxury in every detail! Enter the world of exclusivity with the red purse Sanremo And give your outfit a stylish note that attracts attention. This masterpiece, made from real, flawless leather, enchants not only with its intense, lively color, but also with an aesthetically appealing look and a luxurious feel, which can be felt in every touch.

With 3 elegantly blue, closed by zipper Parts of the fabric, it turns out Women's handbag than as practical as chic, while sealable Side compartments Inside and outside, offer space for budgets and important documents. A noble metal emblem is proud of the front, symbolizing quality and timeless taste. Every ladies' leather bag is carefully in a black, decorative Gift box Presented and comes with two charming shoulder strap options: a woven, white/red Shoulder and an elegant red Leather yieldenable the changeable wear options from classic to casual. With their harmonious masses of 29 x 19 x 11 cm, embodies this Leather handbag A symbiosis of functionality, elegance and an unobtrusive luxury that stylishly accompanies your everyday life.